Testimony of Alvin Reed

video of testimony @ 1:08

I was born and raised into the Lutheran Church which is an offshoot of the Catholic church and is has an extremely formal service. I then married into the Baptist church which is a lot less formal but no Holy Spirit. You were not allowed to move a muscle or make a peep during church service. If anyone would have dared to clap or say Amen, they would have been immediately escorted out of the church and told to never return. Four years ago, My wife and I were born again into the Spirit when we photographed an angel at Moravian Falls with is the second most angelic site on Earth second only to Mount Olive in Jerusalem. Donna my wife was woken up by God at three AM the night before and told to be at Moravian Falls at exactly 1:30 on November 10, 2019. We arrived a few minutes early and when I looked at my watch, it was 1:29. Nothing unusual whatsover was occuring on Moravian Falls one minute before we were supposed to be there.

Then God told me to take a picture of the Falls and a miraculous vision of an angel appeared hovering above the water. It was photograhic quality when it first appeared but quickly began to fade by the time we started taking pictures. It was completely gone by 1:34. This vision appeared at the exact minute that God told Donna and I to be a Moravian Falls. It is a proven miracle that she was told in advance of this vision and we have photographic proof of this miracle. Within two weeks, seven additional miracles occurred confirming the exact latitude and longitude of this angel all up to sixteen digits of accuracy. You can look up the entire story by typing in "angel Moravian Falls" in double quotes into any search engine.

But the real question is what were we doing near Moravian Falls in the first place. It all began on January 13, 2005 when something extremely tragic happened to me. In fact it was so tragic, I banged my fists on my pillow in deep tears. I asked God a very rediculous question, did you know this was going to happen to me. He gave me a pattern three days later that became a half of page of software that ultimately became the fastest database in the world, but what it appeared to be was a random word generator from the Bible. The first word that God had me enter into this apparent random word generator was the name of the company where this happened and an exact ten word sentence appeared that exactly described what had happened to me proving that God knew this would happen to me when he created the Holy Bible. If you calculate that each word is one in one hundred thousand and there are ten words, it is one in ten to the fiftieth power that this sentence occurred by chance, the definition of absurd that it was a coincidence.

I knew then that I had proof that God wrote the Holy Bible but it was so personal that I couldn't show it to anybody, No one would understand. So I spent the last eighteen years searching for more patterns in the Bible that I could show the world.

I hit the mother lode on May 1, 2018 because that is when Dr. Chuck Missler passed away and his videos hit the top of the list on youtube. I watched all of them and many of his religious videos were about these patterns in the Bible that are way beyond chance and thus prove that God wrote the Holy Bible. Many of these patterns he got from Dr Ivan Panin back in the 1890s including twenty eight patterns in Genesis 1:1. God gave me others directly so that today, I have 100 patterns in Genesis 1:1 alone that prove to 500 orders of magnitude of certainty that God wrote the Holy Bible. You can find my book "The Theory of Biblical Patterns" on Amazon or my website: thetheoryofbiblicalpatterns.com. I have been offering the title to my house to thousands of universities, atheists, ministries, churches, media, and politicians if they can disprove this theory and none of them have been able to collect the money.

Now that we have proof to 500 orders of magnitude certainty that God wrote the Holy Bible, you can no longer say it is a good idea to go against Biblical principals. Since time in Heaven and Hell is eternity which is the largest possible infinite number, any probability, even infintesimal times the largest possible infinite number is still infinite. We have proof way beyond infinitesimal, we have proof to 500 orders of magnitude that God wrote the Holy Bible. Therefore the statement that there is no Heaven or Hell has been completely debunked.

The other excuse athiests give for their sinning is that they claim that the Bible says the exact opposite of what the Bible actually says, making their sins OK. This is completely false, the Bible does not say the exact opposite of what the Bible actually says and only people who don't believe the Bible try to make that claim. Now that we have proof that God wrote the Holy Bible, there are no more excuses for going against Biblical principles.

Love is to encourage others to act in a manner that leads to eternal bliss, Hate is the encourage others to act in a manner that leads to eternal damnation.